Garrard : oldest jewellery house

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Exquisite jewellery

Garrard of London has long been recognised as a leading jeweller to the world’s royalty and holds itsef to be  the oldest jewellery house in the world. They were the makers of Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring, now also worn by Prince William’s future bride Kate Middleton.

Garrards engagement ring Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

Garrards engagement ring made for Princess Diana and now worn by Kate Middleton

The founder, George Wickes  first entered his mark at Goldsmiths’ Hall, London in 1722.

In 1735, he became firmly established when he went into business on his own.

Soon after, he was appointed as goldsmith to the Prince of Wales and Garrard continues to hold the Royal warrant of appointment from HRH The Prince of Wales today.

Exquisite Garrard sapphire and diamond rings

The 19th century saw continued  famous commissions for royalty and the aristocracy, with opulent designs and superb craftsmanship. Many Garrard commissions can be found in museums, national institutions and private collections around the world.

The Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown

Since 1843, the year Queen Victoria chose the company as Crown Jeweller  and Garrard has served six successive monarchs.

Garrard is particularly acknowledged for its role in connection with H.M. Tower of London. On display in the Jewel House within the tower are the most important jewels in the United Kingdom.

In 1911 two important commissions were undertaken: the making of Queen Mary’s Crown for the Coronation; and, the Imperial Crown of India worn by King George V later that year, at the Delhi Durbar.

The Imperial Crown of India

The Imperial Crown of India

The Coronation of 1937 heralded another important occasion for the royal jewellers. When the crown set with the Koh-i-Noor  diamond (the largest diamond in the world) was made for the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. The Imperial State Crown was remounted by Garrard in 1937, and then further adjusted for H.M. The Queen for the Coronation in 1953.

Spectacular trophies and centrepieces, display Garrard’s excellence in silver craftsmanship. Robert Garrard’s hallmark of 1848 is found on the well-known America’s Cup.

109 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond (Mountain of light)

109 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond (Mountain of light)

Lavish hunt and horse racing testimonials in full Victorian splendour became a Garrard speciality.

English Football Premiership Trophy

English Football Premiership Trophy

For modern day sports enthusiasts other presentation trophies include; the Rugby World Cup (Webb Ellis Cup), Dubai World Cup, the Cricket World Cup and the Premier League Trophy.

Garrard’s London base is at Albemarle Street in London and in the USA  its  flagship store is located in Beverly Hills. The company also has presence in Tokyo, New York, Osaka, Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong. Garrard creations and shopping details  can be seen here


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