PageLines-cyclaxroundel.png The relatively lesser known cosmetics brand Cyclax, was established in 1896, founded by Mrs. Frances Hemming who operated ‘discreet’ beauty salons countrywide in the 19th century and later specialised in creating high quality beauty products for the aristocracy.

Cyclax Ltd was granted the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty The Queen  in 1961. Cyclax excels in skin care, sun care, personal care and depilatory products. Each sub-brand holds the prestigious Royal Warrant offering a full spectrum of trusted beauty formulations.


cylcx beauty cosmetics royal purveyors

A small selection of Cyclax beauty products

Cyclax has recently launched a new natural skin and body care range – Cyclax Nutressa.  All Cyclax branded products can be found here.

Ladies of society liked to preserve the myth of being naturally beautiful. Mrs. Henning, owned a beauty salon in South Molton Street, London, which later became the House of Cyclax, had a special back door for embarrassed clients. Heavily veiled, a lady would hurriedly alight from her carriage and disappear into the discreet entrance.

cyclax sun cream protection

Cyclax sun protection range

Initially Mrs. Henning sold creams plus three shades of rouge. Hostesses also used ‘papier poudre’ (still available from Avon and at some make up counters today). ‘Papier poudre’ came in books of colored paper and pressed against the cheeks or nose, the leaves of powder removed shine.


Cyclax aloe vera range

Burnt matchsticks were used to darken eyelashes, and geranium and poppy petals stained the lips. It was the famous London department store Selfridges who first openly displayed and promoted cosmetics to their female clientele.

The company’s relationship with the Royal family began when Queen Elizabeth II was introduced to a Cyclax representative, Thelma Holland, who became her Cosmetician and Beauty Advisor. This relationship flourished and resulted in the granting of a Royal Warrant 1961.


Through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s ownership of Cyclax changes hands many times. In 1999 Richards & Appleby Ltd bought Cyclax Ltd and maintain ownership today, keeping the brand alive and continuing to develop new products.