Donal Russel Meats

By appointment to HM The Queen as gourmet  meat suppliers, it is widely believed the meat provided by Donald Russell is amongst the most tender and delicious you can find in the UK.


Donald Russel grass reared beef

Donald Russel grass reared beef

Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Donald Russell is an online butcher who specialise in grass-fed, traditionally matured beef and lamb, reared by farmers who care about their animals. It is often assumed that there is a real Mr Donald Russell, but in fact the name was created by the two founders; Scottish farmer William Donald and Master butcher John Stone, whose family traded under the name “Russell Meats”.

What makes Donald Russel meats different

Farmers who supply to Donald Russell care for their animals. Their animals are grass reared outdoors, have a  good healthy life and enjoy the highest standards of animal welfare. Because of this, these unstressed and contented animals produce wonderfully tender and flavourful meat.


donald russel meat

Certified origin

Indeed, one of the founders of Donald Russell, John Stone was awarded an MBE for services to the industry after writing the standard text-book for butchers, which set the standards for butchery and is still widely used today.

A typical Donald Russell cut is beautifully presented, trimmed and free of silverskin and gristle, with all the surplus fat neatly pared away, leaving just what you need for perfect cooking results. One can order meat, poultry and ready to heat meals, delivered directly, frozen in highly insulated packaging in perfect order.

Their meats and meals can make a thoughtful and very useful gift to friends and family.